Setting Mikrotik sebagai Transparent Web-Proxy

Ok, untuk saat ini kita akan coba membuat web-proxy transparen dengan mikrotik. Seperti halnya membuat web-proxy dengan menggunakan linux, setelah kita membuat web-proxy kita akan memaksa mengarahkan port yang mau keluar harus melalui proxy.

Ok, kita akan mulai saja bagaimana langkah-langkahnya :
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How can I increase my page rank on Alexa??


Alexa is a website that serve information about website’s traffic. Alexa rank can be an illustration about how many visitors visit to some blog.

Alexa rank is very important for our website because there are some ads website that give requirement of Alexa rank to use it.

Alexa rank traffic will be counted with website traffic’s history. And the other way is come from other resource and combined with page view and reach of the real visitor and not from robots.

There are many way to increase your Alexa rank :
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